Monday, April 6, 2015

Roof leaks we fix, commercial and residential, part 1

Roof leaks cause damage to your home or business if the underlying cause isn't diagnosed or repaired quickly. Water can drain or drip outward from the spot where the leak occurred, we can pinpoint the exact cause and fix your leak. In our 65 years we have seen and fixed every kind of leak. Some common leaks we fix.

Excess Moisture leaks that we fix

Draining upper roof gutters directly onto a lower roof can lead to the lower section becoming overly saturated, which can cause leaks. Better planning of your entire guttering system and elevate the problem.

Debris leaks that we fix

Buildup of twigs, leaves or pine needles can trap water against the roof allowing water to soak in by capillary action. Itʼs vitally important to keep the roof clear so water can run off quickly. Cutting overhanging tree branches will make it easier to keep your roof clear of problems and potential leaks.

Flashing leaks that we fix and prevent

Metal roof flashing seals roof transitions where large amounts of water pour down or where unwanted absorption can occur. Flashing is placed around likely areas for leaks: where the roof joins a dormer, where a chimney penetrates the roof and around the edges of skylights. Flashing sections can slide or move out of proper alinement if nails are missing and caulk has become dry, cracking over time.

Age leaks that we service

Even the best roofing materials deteriorate over time and become and can cause problems with your residential or commercial roof. Temperature changes and
extreme weather conditions may cause roofing materials to become hard and crack with age and exposure to direct sunlight may melt the tar that seals shingles together.

Ridge Cap leaks that we prevent and fix

The ridge cap covers the gap at the peak of a roof where the two slopes meet. Contractors who use rope and harness systems without protecting the ridge cap with temporary covering can cause holes in the roof material, allowing water from rain to enter.

We are a Wichita Roofing Company specializing in stopping leaks and in leak prevention.

Midwest Roofing Systems is a Wichita roofing company, based in Wichita Kansas with over half a century of experience in leak prevention and repair for commercial roofs or residential roofs. We were locally owned. If you have any questions about your leak or preventing leaks please call us or visit our website.


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